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HOW to Prune Trees

Now that we have learned WHY we prune and the basic guidelines of WHEN we prune it is time to cut to the heart of the matter and get into HOW we prune. Depending on the plant, tree or shrub the techniques differ, in this article we will look at pruning trees.

Pruning, WHEN it should be done

Generally, “limbing up” or pruning off the lower branches from large trees can be done at any point of the year, though we prefer to do most of our limbing up at the end of the growing season and not in the spring when the sap is rising.

7 Old-Fashioned Skills That Save You Money

While you're developing your self-sufficiency and perhaps even working towards living off-the-grid, it's good to remember there are simple, basic skills that are easy to learn and apply that result in saving a lot of money, increasing the skills you need to improve your family's survival and perhaps could lead to being able to barter for what you need in your community.

DIY Firewood racks

Firewood Racks You Can Build for Yourself – DIY

This is a simple and effective project to create firewood racks and keep the firewood you need close to your house. It makes getting the firewood inside a lot easier when it's cold! :)

The WHY of pruning for trees, bushes and shrubs

WHY PRUNING? For centuries, gardeners have used pruning techniques to help maintain healthy, good looking and productive plants. A good pruning will help to encourage new growth where you want it

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