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Tape measure with tape

How to Read a Tape Measure – even if you hate math

A tape measure is a very basic tool. It can used in a wide variety of ways from people of all walks of life. It's actually simple to use and proves to be very valuable when we need to accurately measure an item for a project, craft, remodeling, moving or any number of other uses. Sometimes, however, the measuring part can be confusing. Adding up feet and inches and fractions of inches can cause any of us to pause while we consider it all.

78 Non-Food Prepping Supplies List

Prepping – A List of 78 Non-Food Supplies

For many, prepping for eventualities makes a lot of sense. Some consider it a dire emergency and something to be pursued as an absolute priority. For others, it's not so much an all-consuming passion as a wise way to ensure safety and security for the whole family.

Tick-borne disease – prevent bites – learn to ward off diseases

As summer weather develops throughout most of North America, it's a time when most people love to get outdoors. There are plenty of chores and activities that have been put off due to cold and wet weather. With warm and drier weather, the pull to get out is powerful! But, for many, the scare of tick borne disease prevents them from getting out and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, it's true that ticks can carry disease. Being bit can potentially leave one susceptible to catching Lyme disease or other diseases. However, the risk of acquiring a tick-borne disease are actually very low.

Fire Pit in the works

Fire Pit – A Project You Can Do Yourself

As signs of Spring begin to appear, if you're like us, you're starting to get outside more. We're looking forward to longer days and being out in nature enjoying the garden, the flowers, trees and night time sky! A great way to enjoy the evenings outdoors is to sit around a fire and enjoy the company you're with.

EverSaw 8.0 - folding hand saw

How Is a Japanese Style Pull Cut Saw Different?

Our EverSaw 8.0 is an Asian or Japanese style pull saw with many significant advantages over push saws, the top two of which are less effort expended and better accuracy.

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