UTILITY KNIFE – Home Planet Gear Launches a new product!

Utility Knife with 5 blades

UTILITY KNIFE – All Purpose Retractable Cutter

A utility knife is definitely a tool that can be used for numerous activities.

The thin blade and razor sharp edge can cut through plastic, wood, leather, paper,  cardboard and other fibers; it can even be used to score soft metals.

A utility knife can be used for a wide variety of projects such as trimming wallpaper, cutting carpet, cutting wallboard for hanging, cutting cardboard or plastic sheets, ceiling tiles and for many other craft projects.

The UTILITY KNIFE offered by Home Planet Gear includes:

Unique Patented handle design – A unique improvement to the traditional design of utility knives is the addition of a handle. A well formed, easy to hold handle adds to the ease of use and sureness of grip.

Utility Knife

The Utility Knife from Home Planet Gear comes with UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN to save your knuckles and help to minimize repetitive stress. It gives very good control for precision cutting. It makes it easy to store the knife in a pocket our tool pouch and just as easy to grab it out for quick use. The handle protects the knuckles from scraping on rough surfaces – no more rug burn, splinters or cuts from cardboard and staples.

Utility knife - showing all 5 positionsFully retracting and locking variable position blade
– This is not your average utility knife. It comes with a fully retracting and locking variable position blade. It can be locked closed or extend and lock at 1/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1″. The lock-back design locks the blade in place at any position.

Easy change, quick release – Just extend the blade, press the button and reverse or switch the blade.







Comes with 5 heavy duty reversible high carbon SK5 blades with replacement storage built right into the handle.

Uses standard replacement blades. FORGET CERAMIC! Go for razor sharp and inexpensive to replace! 

Utility Knife by Home Planet Gear

HEAVY DUTY, DURABLE zinc-alloy body. Comes with comfortable, ergonomic TPR rubber grip. Lightweight – Fits in your back pocket! Dimensions: 6.75″ x 3″


BEST FOR GENERAL & PRECISION CUTTING – Slice through cardboard, carpet, drywall, rope, vinyl, leather, flooring. Use for a boxcutter tool. It can be used for exact cuts in arts & crafts or hobby projects.

Makes a great gift for the practical people on your list!

– If you aren’t completely happy with your Utility Knife, we will replace or refund your order, no questions asked.

Home Planet Gear Utility Knives have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


UTILITY KNIFE by Home Planet Gear is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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    How do you put new blade in??

    • Hello Jaime,
      To put a new blade in do this:
      – Extend the blade you want to change out fully by sliding the slide at the top.
      – Push the small red button in the front next to the blade.
      – Grab the blade and pull it out.
      – At that point, you can either turn the blade around and use the other side or put in a new blade.
      – Once the blade is seated, release the button and pull the blade back into the body of the box cutter.

      That’s it!

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