78 Non-Food Prepping Supplies List

Prepping – A List of 78 Non-Food Supplies

78 Non-Food Prepping Supplies List



For many, prepping for eventualities makes a lot of sense. Some consider it a dire emergency and something to be pursued as an absolute priority. For others, it’s not so much an all-consuming passion as a wise way to ensure safety and security for the whole family.

Prepping list:

When considering how to prepare for various eventualities it can be quite daunting to think of every eventuality and what might be needed various situations. We found another prepping list compiled as a guideline to help people recognize what things they should consider when prepping for emergencies or situations requiring extended survival without the usual social safety net.

This list of supplies contains numerous items suggested for every good prepper. The list is split into a six different categories: Shelter, Heat & Power, Safety, Medical, Tools, and Comfort/Other. They are presented in order of urgency.

Some of these things you would need right away, others you wouldn’t know you were missing until months later, and some you would be a fool to focus on unless you had everything else sorted out (chocolate and alcohol).

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